Okay, so I moved into the world from wannabe to action taker in the offline arena.

A month ago I was scanning Craigslist in the small business ads section. I wanted to find one or two small business attorneys to deal with directly.

Why? Because their clients are small business attorneys.

I sent out about 15 emails to small business attorneys specifically. I received 3 call backs and and a couple of email responses as well.

I met with one of them finally. We had both just been busy with our schedules, walked out with a $200 for a simple website redesign and told him I'd target 2 keywords to get him on Google.

I'd prove I know what I am talking about, gain that testimonial and then he'd refer business my way and I'd give him a cut of the profit for any referral that turned into a paying client. He loved the idea.

Here's the gist of what I said in the email (this idea was taken from Maria Gudelis 14 Day Ultimate Challenge. If you haven't bought it yet, you are missing out on solid content and a ton of resources. And this is unsolicitated feedback.) I took a technique Maria talks about that Chris Endres does with Craigslist and tweaked it a bit.

I pretty much said something to this effect:

"Hi , I saw your ad in Craigslist. I've got an idea that can add an additional stream of income to your pocket without any additional risk or cost on your part. It is about using an asset I see that you don't see.

"Email me or call me to discuss further details. "

You get the idea.

The people I talked to were very receptive to this.

The one attorney (also an alumni from the same college as I went to helps of course) was estatic. We met just today, talked for an hour, had a lot of fun and I walked out with a $200 check. I wasn't in it to make the 'big sale' today because I'm establishing a long term working relationship, not some one off web design.

I talked a lot about 'holistic marketing' approach.

I didn't just sell him a website or Seo services. I told him you've got to integrate and combine online and offline.

Most small businsses don't do any of that period. Heck in fact most small businesses only do one or the other half-assed anyway.

Imagine taken that approach with that mindset to a business owner and telling him/her to tackle both sides of the equation. SEO and a website are just one part of the overall marketing matrix. It is not the be-all end-all that most online marketers forget about.

Since I've been relistening to a lot of Maria's words lately, as she has said just like Nike, just go out there and DO IT.